Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair

The Annual Contemporary Jewellery Fair held in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire in November each year.

Sadly there will be no Contrasts Jewellery Fair in 2021 either.

If you are interested in browsing jewellery for sale, please look at our 2019 list of exhibitors where you will find their web page details. Some have online sales available.

A little information about our ‘normal’ events:-

The Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair in Rowlands Castle started in 2009, is a one day selling exhibition and runs each November.  

We are open from 10am to 4pm and have approx. 23 independent designer makers from the south of England.  The event takes place at St. John’s Hall, 120 Redhill Road, Rowlands Castle PO9 6DF.

There is always a wide variety of work on display from simple glass and leather items, through hallmarked sterling silver to gold and diamonds, so something for everyone.

Details of the 2019 exhibitors can be seen here.

Great refreshments are always available.  Hope you enjoy the shows.


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Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair